Here are 10 Reasons Why We Love Maryville, MO

Welcome to Maryville, where there are pasture-raised meats and exciting (and winning) sports teams and where we do our camping off the ground. If you’d like to know more, keep on reading as we count 10 things we love about living in Maryville.

1. Exploring the Missouri Arboretum

The Missouri Arboretum is home to 1,700 trees and more than 160 plant species collected from different parts of the world. With three trails – the Gaunt Trail, Tower Trail, and Chautauqua Trail – crisscrossing through it, anyone can explore the beautiful surroundings. Spend some alone time sitting at benches in the gardens or enjoy other people’s company in the areas designated for gathering.

2. Walking the Deer Run Trail

Grassy trails, panoramic views of the Little Bonne Femme Creek, and secluded woods are just the tip of the iceberg on the things we love about Maryville. And one of the best places to get a feel of what this small town in the Show Me State has to offer is the Deer Run Trail. Just as its name suggests, you’ll likely see deer as the trail descends to the bottomlands. You may even spot a beaver or a muskrat as you walk along the creek.

3. Hammocking at Mozingo Lake

Forget about traditional camping or glamming it up in a cabin in the woods. Here in Maryville, we like to enjoy Mother Nature the best way we know how: on a hammock. Mozingo Lake Recreational Park lets you do just that. With just two trees spaced a usable distance apart, you can gain a completely different experience from the usual solid ground outdoor sleeping amenities. It’s the perfect way to relax and recharge from the craziness of everyday life.

4. Exciting Athletics

Sure, St. Louis may have the Rams, but the athletics teams in Maryville, MO, have also made a name for themselves. From the six Division II football national championships of Northwest Missouri State Bearcats to the two national championships of Maryville girls’ basketball, it’s no surprise our town is considered the Title Town. Someone is always playing, and come game day, lines are drawn and green and white are the only colors we wear. Gooooo Bearcats!

5. Numerous Family Fun Centers

Looking for fun things to do with your kids? Maryville has numerous family fun centers that won’t have you breaking the bank. For five dollars per person, you can sample the ever-expanding game library of the Maryville Board Game Cafe, knock down some pins at Bearcat Lanes, watch a movie at The Hangar, or enjoy a 60-minute escape room adventure at Encryption. Beat that, Stanberry.

6. Diverse Local Eats

Missourians may love their barbecue steaks, burgers, and fries but here in Maryville, we have diversified our local eats just a touch. El Nopal has, hands down, the most amazing Mexican food options. The lo mien, crab rangoons, and egg rolls at Happy Garden are simply out of this world. And if you’d like to sample some authentic Greek dishes, A & G Restaurant has got you covered. Of course, we still have the usual Holy Trinity (burgers, steaks, and fries) up at Title Town Bar and Grill; we haven’t changed that much.

7. Fishing in Miz-ur-uh

Few things can compare to the first tug on the line and the tipping of the pole toward the water. And some of the hottest fishing action in northwest Missouri is right here in Maryville at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park, beating out both southwestern Iowa and southeastern Nebraska. The lake at the park is one of the few places where the fish population hasn’t plateaued and is still growing. You’ll also find good angling opportunities at Bilby Ranch Lake and Nodaway Lake. Hook your worms, everyone, and get ready to catch some bass.

8. Local Farm-Raised Meat

Many say Missourians have barbecue sauce for blood. If that’s true, then we have the bloodiest sauce there is with our local farm-raised meat from JM Baker Farms. Now you’re probably thinking our pasture-raised and grass-fed livestock taste just like the grocery-bought steaks. You’re wrong. Sustainably raised meat is much more flavorful and of higher quality than factory-farmed varieties. Saffron, rosemary, thyme? Please… All we need is some barbecue sauce.

9. Impressive Local Art

QZ Studio & Gallery, Starving Artist Studio, Olive Deluce Art Gallery — these small art galleries in Maryville, MO, pack an impressive collection of local artwork. No, you won’t find any Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, or Raphael, but you’ll gain a more intimate experience with the pieces. And if you’re lucky, you may even get to meet the artists. You don’t even have to be an “art” fan, but a visit to our small town galleries may just turn you into one.

10. Small Town, Big Heart Culture of Harris Dental

If there’s any place that embodies the small town, big heart culture of Maryville, it will have to be Harris Dental — at least we think so. As soon as you step through our doors, our staff is ready with a smile and a hello. Dr. Harris uses various dental technologies to ensure the comfort of his patients, reduced downtime, a beautiful smile you deserve. Schedule an appointment with us and come on by for quality, affordable dental services.