Dental Technology

Dental Technology for Your Healthiest Smile

From digital charts to health wearables, technology has enhanced our medical experience and daily lives in countless ways—and you can expect the same from your dental visits and treatments at Harris Dental.

From same day crowns to devices to reduce or eliminate snoring, our practice uses the latest dental technology and techniques to ensure you achieve the long-lasting results you seek while you experience your highest level of comfort and safety during every visit. We’re also proud to exclusively offer digital X-rays and photography, as it guides us toward the most accurate diagnoses and treatment with the smallest possible carbon footprint. Our office is happy to say we’re paperless. Last but not least, all of our patient care rooms are equipped with cable TV, so you and your child can lay back and relax during your dental treatments.

General Dentistry

When it comes to keeping your smile healthy, prevention through general dentistry is truly the best medicine.